Acquistion of
Medical Education Network.

May 20, 2022

Launchit Ventures Inc. a HealthTech venture studio, is announcing its acquisition of Montreal-based Medical Education Network (“Mednet”).

Mednet is an independent, Canadian-based global medical news reporting organization and provider of continuing medical education (CME) credits to healthcare professionals (HCPs), for 30 years.

Mednet specializes in writing balanced and objective summary reports based on accredited medical congresses and peer reviewed literature, distributed both in electronic and print media. Mednet’s success comes from its commitment to unbiased, evidence-based summaries of leading-edge medical and biotech science. “In a world where scientific misinformation is too prevalent, Mednet’s values and vision stand out to make it an important voice that HCPs can depend on for validated information” said Launchit Ventures’ CEO Jamie Harsevoort.

This acquisition continues the Launchit Ventures mission to improve people’s well-being through innovation. The value of independent, objective, and quality information that contributes to the healthcare community and to all our ventures, will be invaluable.

Launchit Ventures Inc. is a HealthTech venture studio that offers a new model for entrepreneurship, combining company building with venture funding, to develop new businesses faster and with less risk. We partner with researchers, entrepreneurs, industry veterans, and others who have great ideas but need support and expertise to commercialize them. The Launchit Ventures team and its partners bridge the gap between a founder with an idea and the actual reality of getting a HealthTech start-up product or service into the market.

Interested partners can apply to have Launchit Ventures validate their business idea, fund the development of the product or service, and bring it to market. Launchit Ventures’ intent is to cofound the new business with the selected partners.

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