Announcing our search for the next
Fantastic Idea

April 20, 2022

Launchit Ventures, a new healthtech venture studio, announced today the start of its search for the next fantastic idea just waiting for our partnership, skills, and financial support to enter the marketplace.

Launchit Ventures’ vision is to improve people’s well-being through innovation. Launchit Ventures, as a venture studio, offers a new model for entrepreneurship, combining company building with venture funding to develop new businesses faster and with less risk. We partner with researchers, entrepreneurs, industry veterans, and more who have great ideas, but need our support and expertise to commercialize them. The Lumedi Ventures team and its partners bridge the gap between a founder with an idea and the actual reality of getting a healthtech startup product or service into the market.

The world needs big, audacious solutions, and technology entrepreneurs are leading the way in advancing equitable, sustainable, and meaningful change. For the healthtech sector, this means a new era of thinking about innovation and commercial opportunities that make great ideas come to life.

“As a healthtech founder, I saw firsthand the challenges of creating and growing a new business in the healthcare space,” says Launchit Ventures CEO Jamie Harsevoort, who previously founded Webility Solutions Inc. and Lumedi Inc. “You can’t build these companies alone, and we save them years of execution challenges by helping them navigate through critical technical, regulatory, legal, procurement, and funding issues. Especially now, when travel restrictions make it difficult to network, having access to critical partners and experts is immensely valuable.”

Interested partners can now apply to have Launchit Ventures validate their business idea, fund the development of the product or service, and bring it to market. Launchit Ventures’ intent is to co-found the new business with the selected partners.

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